Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun Fashion Idea!

Hey there everybody! Today I put an outfit together for my lovely friend, Sylvia! She wanted more of a fun look and reasonable prices! This would be a fun outfit because it is very colorful which makes your outfit really stand out.Enjoy! I chose: I [Heart] Pullover from Forever21 for $17.80, Bright Green Jeggings from Hollister for $35, Striped Hello Kitty® Top from Forever21 for $15.80, Neon Pink Jeggings from Hollister for $35, Bow Clips may be purchased at Forever21 or American Apparel (The one's shown aren't from Forever21 or American Apparel but you may find similar items), Flower Clips may be purchased at H&M, Black Fur Peruvian Beanie from Hot Topic for $24.50 * The other hat is just an idea, but maybe you'll find something like it!* Hopefully you like it Sylvia! It was really fun to put an outfit together. Sweaters and colored jeans or leggings are really in this fall. If you don't want to purchase the items you can try to find something related to these outfits in your closet! Or maybe an over sized long sleeved shirt would be great! Can't find it in the stores? Forever21 has different types or sweaters you can choose from. I suggest that the sweaters be more colorful and not to buy the gray sweaters. Also you may wear your own colored leggings if you have some. Another tip, wear a tube scarf to make your outfit more fun! ( Tube Scarves may be purchased at H&M for $12.95) Thank you so much for requesting this! - Jade

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