Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome to Fashion Finds!

    What exactly is this blog about? Fashion of course! Also about your creativity and style. You choose your own style. Express your feelings! I will be posting some fashion tips, fashion ideas, and some new stuff that are in this season! If your looking for that your in the right place! Please leave me some comments if you need any outfit ideas! If so, please tell me your style, what your looking for in an outfit, does it have to be cheap, expensive, or a reasonable price? Please leave me a comment and I'll try to reply as soon as possible. 

    Whats my Passion?
    My passion is of course fashion! It's pretty obvious, *cough cough*. I honestly think it's fun to share your style and make your personality stand out. Just smile to have a complete outfit. Try not to overdress or to make it look like a foolish mistake. Hopefully the outfit you are trying to create will be what you were looking for! Make sure to be creative and stylish! New posts coming soon! (:

- Jade 



  1. Jade, I love how you are starting out this blog. I think this blog is fun because you are interacting with the readers. Oh, I also need some outfit ideas.My style is fun. In an outfit I am looking for it to be in bright colors like pink.Lastly,I am looking for a reasonable price. I hope you can help me. Good Luck!

    1. Sylvia, thank you so much! I will try to make an outfit for you by tomorrow! (: - Jade ( also great style pick! )