Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who's one of my Inspiration?

     Hey their everybody! I thought I'd like to show you one of my inspirations! Some of you may know her, some of you may not. She is not a fashion designer...but she makes video's on YouTube, she has over 900,00 subscribers! MACBARBIE07! Bethany, (macbarbie07) is a huge inspiration of mine. She makes D.I.Y's, Outfit Ideas, and if your into makeup she's got that too! I look up to Bethany and hopefully you will too! She recently just made some new videos from her 'Spook Book' series where she show's how to make D.I.Y. Halloween costumes. Here is one of Bethany's video's from her 'Spook Book Series' :


      Thank you for watching! No I wasn't paid to advertise her. I'm just a really huge fan, please check her out! Her username is, macbarbie07 and she is a huge help for some fashion idea's. Bethany actually made a Fall Inspiration video with some great fashion tips. She also has some other video's too! Thanks for watching! :D

          I know their isn't much on this blog but I will be making some Fall Fashion Tips soon! So their will be lots of stuff to read soon. (: Hopefully you will be checking out my blog again. Also if you'd like you may advertise your blog on any post. Please NO SPAMMING. If you spam all your comments will be deleted or the whole entire post! Comment below telling me who your inspiration is, and tell me your blog!(:

- Jade


  1. Jade,

    Wow! what an awesome blog post! I actually tweeted bethany to let her know of your blog. Who knows maybe she will even comment! It is so great to see that she is an inspiration to you! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. You asked for inspirations from your readers. My students inspire me all the time! I am looking forward to all of you and the inspirational things you guys do this year. Keep up the good work with the blog. I'm excited to read awesome posts in the future!

    Mr. Poole

  2. Correction: I meant to capitalize Bethany in the comment so I must correct that here :)

  3. Wow, Jade! I think that this was your best blog post yet! The video that you posted was really good! Bethany really helped me out on finding an affordable yet cute Halloween costume. I will definitely check out more of her videos! Thanks once again!

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