Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fashion Icons!

    Hey there everybody I want to show you some of my idols, and why I love them. I will explain why they are my idols and how they relate to fashion! Sorry for lacking blog posts, but hopefully this week I will have enough time to blog. (:

   What are idols? Idols are people who inspire fans or a role model. Most idols have a talent such as singing, dancing, or acting. An idol can be a great writer or a creator, maybe they can draw. Idols have the best job in the world, since they inspire lots of people. Idols can be your family, friend, and etc,. Every idol are alike and different. Here are my idols!

  Katy Perry! Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was born on October 25th, 1984 ( her birthday is soon! ) in Santa Barbara, California. Katheryn got signed to Capitol Music Group and adopted her stage name known as, Katy Perry. Katy Perry is a very talented woman and inspires teenagers from all over the world! She has very unique fashion sense which I love! Luckily her outfits aren't as crazy as Lady Gaga's but her outfits show her personality, fun! Katy doesn't really care if people call her outfits crazy or ugly she is happy with what she wears.
  Information from here! Click to find more about Katy! 

        Lauren Katherine Conrad was born in Laguna Beach, California on February 1st, 1986 (Age 26). Lauren Conrad has made several books such as, The Fame GameSweet Little LiesL. A. Candy (L. A Candy Series #1)Sugar and Spice, and many others. Lauren Conrad is a huge idol because I love her fashion designs, and her fashion line at Kohl's. Her new fashion line at Kohl's includes, clothes, shoes, and jewelry ( I love the rings, check them out here: Beautiful Rings!) I think she has style and great creativity! Find more about Lauren here!

   Thank you so much for reading my blog post please comment below who your idol is!   - Jade



  1. I love Katy Perry too! Her fashion sense is AMAZING!! Besides her fashion, do you like any of her music? Im doing a song of the week so I was thinking of doing a Katy Perry song(:

  2. Yes I love her music! You really should I'll check it out!