Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Outfit Ideas!

     WOOHOO! New post! Finally, sorry for not making much posts lately! Since Halloween is nearby I'd thought it would be fun to share some outfit ideas before its too late!
   This first video is macbarbie07 yet again! This video is Bethany teaching all of us how to make a Carly Rae Jepsen D.I.Y. Halloween Costume! I really think this was well done, although Bethany doesn't look much like Carly she did a really good job! If you need a costume idea here is one! (:

       The second, and last video is a D.I.Y. Mickey Mouse Costume! I know a lot of people choose this to be there Halloween costume but, they usually pick Minnie Mouse! This costume is based on Mickey Mouse, not Minnie Mouse! I think the costume is really simple and fun. It is really easy and cheap, and for those who are too lazy to go out and buy a outfit this a perfect idea! If you want me to post some other cute Halloween outfits comment below!

    Hope you enjoyed these two videos and this blog post. Comment below on some ideas or what you're going to be for Halloween! Thank you for reading FashionFinds, if you like this post then you'll like my others! - Jade

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