Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Need Some Outfit Ideas? Here's some!

     Hey there everybody I made some new outfits and decided to blog about it! The first outfit, the outfit at the left has a little bit of color, blue which makes it stand out more and really pop out. The color wash skinny jeans really add more color! For the top I chose a sweater with black sleeves and a cute angry dinosaur. I think the outfit matches and it's perfect for fall. Even though they aren't fall colors but, for those of you who don't really like the fall colors this outfit is perfect for you! For the accessories, I chose a spiked bracelet to give it a bit of an edgy look. For the shoes I chose Aldo, Aukes. I think they are adorable even though they are expensive they are defiantly worth it. I recommend them since it's really easy to put on, since there is a zipper on the side. They look great with the outfit, and if you have boots or something else you have to match with it feel free to use it!
         The next outfit, on the right is very simple! If your not planning on buying anything, this may be easy to find in your closet. I chose a high-low leopard dress to make a neutral outfit! It may be a bit cold out to wear this so you may wear skin-colored tights, or you can just keep this outfit in mind when it get's warmer. For the accessories I chose a bow necklace to make the top part of the dress less plain. And the shoes are the same as well. (: I hope you enjoyed this blog post! The outfit is below! 

Fall Outfit!

Hi low dress
$40 -

Sweat shirt

Skinny jeans

ALDO leather boots

BP bp

Stone jewelry

     Thank you so much for reading my blog post! Stay tuned for more blog posts coming ahead, have any suggestions? Comment below! Also if you have any questions about the items, or if you would like a cheaper budget please tell me! I would be glad to help, for any questions or fashion tips. Thanks! - Jade


  1. Wow, that is so pretty, I wish I could have that or maybe something like it. I love your blog, it is so cool!
    What will be your next style?
    Please reply.

  2. Maansi: Thank you so much! Your blog is just as great. I'm not so sure, have any suggestions?

  3. I just love this outfit and I'll be sure to try it out

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