Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Outfit!(:

   A new outfit to wear! I created another outfit and yet of course I have to share with you. Yes I did make that outfit and everything around it, the stuff around it is just for fun. Crop tops are really in at the moment so I chose a gray crop top  (long sleeved) that says 'FLY'. I suggest you wear a white tank top since it's a bit cold outside. For the pants, are of course jeans! I chose teal jeans to add some color into the outfit other than gray or black. You may use any colored or denim jeans it is not my decision it is yours. For the shoes I chose black converse to go along with the outfit.
   Accessories are optional! I don't really add any earrings to my outfits, so I decided to add some. I suggest wearing either the black or zebra earrings to match the outfit more. Add on some bangles to accessorize! If your going out with friends, or family bring along a studded clutch around with you to carry around gum, money, or anything you'd bring anywhere.
    Thank you all for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed my outfit as well as my others! *Also, ALL outfits were created by ME, I do not copy any outfits that is not made by me!* More outfits coming soon! xoxo -Jade

Cute Outfit


  1. i love your blog come visit mine maybe you should do a post about winter outfits

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    Thanks :)

  3. Sure I'll make sure to read them. (: - Jade

  4. @Angela sorry but when I try to follow your blog all it says is Error 404. There is something wrong, I'll try it out tomorrow, but cute outfits! (: - Jade

  5. hi jade I loved your other blog with the panda outfit it was adorable and just a thought maybe next time you can do a blog about some winter outfits

  6. Hey Jade I really like all the accsessories you put on the outfit. I like all the outfits you are making! But, can you add some winter fashion like Nidhi said!