Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day & Night Panda Themed Outfit

      Hello everybody who is reading, today you're going to read about and look at some cute panda outfits! I thought it was a cute idea and I knew I had to get blogging. For the pajamas (night outfit) I chose plaid pajama pants and to match with it a cute panda red t-shirt. And for the slippers, of course panda slippers! I wish I had a pair of my own. *-* Trust me this outfit has to be comfortable just look how cute it is! I hope you like the pajamas, but the cuteness hasn't ended yet.
    Now for the day outfit which you can wear for school, going to the mall, hanging out with friends, or whenever you feel like dressing up. For the shirt, I chose a sweatshirt with a panda face and panda ears on the hoodie. I suggest you wear a black or white tank top underneath the sweatshirt. I chose pink jeans to make the outfit look pink and girly. Lastly I chose the wonderful PANDA SHOES! These adorable shoes are boots kind of like knit UGGS but with panda's on it! I hope you enjoyed this cute outfit as much as I did. It was really fun making this outfit because it made me feel like a little girl. ♥

      Comment down below what's your favorite animal, and which outfits do you like better day or night? xoxo - Jade

Panda Themed Outfit

Sweatshirts and hoody
$27 -

Lord Taylor plaid pajamas

Ichi zipper jeans
$41 -

Short heels

Slipper shoes


  1. My favorite animal is and will always be PANDAS! (nothing to do with your blog, but I have always loved these adorable creatures since forever!) Anyway, great post. I hope to see more coming soon!

  2. @nvper2 haha thanks, your posts are always great. I LOVE PANDASS TOOOO.<3;

  3. i like the day outfit and my favorite animal has to be puppies!