Thursday, November 15, 2012

Formal Dresses!

               Today I put together dresses! All three dresses are formal, but not too formal. Most of these items are over $50-100, since dresses are dresses. And dresses can be expensive. All three outfits were made by me and is all of my original work. None of these outfits are designed by me, I just put them together myself. Nor am I advertising these designers. Also for those who were wondering, create all of my outfits on Polyvore. Please enjoy these outfits, and respect the way I've made them.
      For the first dress I chose a mint green lace peplum! Fact: A peplum is a short overskirt usually attached with a blouse or dress. Information found here.  Peplum's are very in so I suggest a peplum if you are looking for a skirt. I chose a ring and necklace to add onto the outfits. I chose a very chunky silver necklace to make the outfit more exciting! I chose a silver ring with a bunch of rhinestones to match with the silver necklace. If you ever wear mint green and can't decide on which is better, gold or silver jewelry. I mostly recommend silver. But remember you can wear whatever you like! To add some more silver onto the outfit I chose glittery high-heels, not to make you taller but to match along with the jewelry. This outfit is a bit more casual but still really cute!
Formal Dresses!          My favorite dress out of all three, the second dress! This adorable sequin cocktail dress has a nice pattern on top, and just plain beige as the skirt. I love how not the whole entire dress is the same pattern which makes the outfit look neater and not to messy or busy. I thought this outfit looked best with pink jewelry, so I chose a pink bow necklace. And for the ring I chose a pink oval ring. (:  If you have no pink rings or necklaces, gold will look great with it. I chose white high heel pumps for the shoes to fill in some more white onto the outfit. Please tryout this dress if you can.    Last but not least, the high-low dress. I chose a white dress with a silver weaved belt around it to give some color or some detail onto the dress. High-low dresses are also in style! It is a very unique design and I just love how it flows. I chose a silver ring to match the belt. I didn't add a necklace because I'd thought it would look odd since the belt would probably be in the way.The shoes are silver, of course! If you are looking for something to wear at the beach I suggest this dress!
   Also donate clothes to those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy! Or donate to Red Cross!
         Thank you for reading my blog post I appreciate it! I hope you like the dresses! Comment, telling me your favorite dress. (: - Jade

Little Mistress grecian dress
$87 -

John Zack slip dress
$60 -

High heel pumps

Pink heels
$71 -

Aldo jewelry

Chunky jewelry
$32 -

Dorothy Perkins silver jewelry

Oval ring
$7.91 -

River Island bow jewelry
$6.34 -

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  1. Jade, these outfits look absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait for more posts!