Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Must-Haves/Favorites


Hey my fellow readers! Since the holidays is coming so soon I'd thought I'd show you some holiday must-haves/favorites. (:  You can also purchase these things for somebody for Christmas!I was not paid to advertise any of these items.  These items are truly my favorites. now starting off with peplum tops!
Peplum - I love peplums because they are very dressy but yet so casual. It'll be perfect for going to parties because it'll defiantly pass. Since it is a bit cold outside you can add a blazer to match along with it. I recommend peplums with jeans. It depends on the color of the shirt when you pair with jeans such as, colored, dark-wash, light-wash jeans. (:
Boots/Slippers - Combat boots is a huge must-have. I wear mine all the time, trust me it'll be worth it! It is really easy to match with in my opinion and adorable. If you don't really like black boots, their is much more varieties such as pink, brown, chestnut, blue, & etc,. You can probably buy the colorful boots online. For brown, black, and chestnut boots you can find at Aldo. (:  Since most of us are inside all winter and sometimes your feet get cold while your walking in your house. That's why they created slippers!  I love the animal slippers since they are comfy and just so cute. I think these are great for the winter to help keep your cold feet warm.
Hats/Scarves - Yet more cuteness! Hats are a great accessory to wear when your walking outside or maybe waiting for your bus to come in the morning. Their is so many varieties of hats which makes them so special.  :D Scarves is one of the most beautiful things ever invented! I think scarves are easy to match with and yet another trendy accessory. I recommend tube scarves because they are easier to put on for those who are new to scarves ( or unless you just think their easier).

Perfume -  Everybody wants to smell good at their Christmas party especially if you want to impress your enemy. I recommend perfume since it stays on for a very long time and doesn't wear off.  my favorite perfumes are Wonder struck by Taylor Swift and Juicy La Viva. Whenever picking out a perfume make sure you like it since you don't want to waste your money. Think wisely when buying.
EOS Lip balm - Don't you hate it whenever your lips are chapped in the winter? If so I suggest you buy EOS ( Evolution of smooth )  lip balm. If you were wondering you can buy them at any drugstore such as Walgreen's, Target, and places like Ulta. I myself have this and it is a great buy. it makes my lips smooth and never chapped. And it'll last longer than chap stick.  There are many different varieties of scents so don't worry. (:

Nail Polish - One of my favorites items ever is nail polish! For Christmas I suggest you wear green,red, or gold nail polish to get into that holiday spirit. I love nail polish since their are so many colors to choose from and it helps me with my painting skills. :D You can also be creative and make cute little designs. If you never wore nail polish before in your life, you'll regret it. Also I suggest you buy nail polish from drugstores, and not under $3 because it isn't really worth it.

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      Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope you donate to Toys for Tots. (: - Jade 

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  1. Nice post, I really needed a gift guidew for my christmas shopping! One thing that you should do is write a review for everything that you have!