Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter & Fall Outfits! (:

Winter Outfits!
     Hey their my friendly readers! Since I've been requested many times to create a winter outfit I have! I even made a fall outfit, but you can wear these both for winter and fall. These outfits are by far my favorite. Comment down below your favorite outfit created by me! Each outfit includes, a coat ( ranges from $50- $100 ), top, shirt, shoes, accessories, and nail polish ( ranges from 0 - $50 ). Shall we begin? We shall. (:
    Outfit #1 - Since everybody needs a coat for winter I chose a reasonable price for both coats. For this outfit I chose a grey military coat to keep you warm and cozy! I love military coats since they are very long to support heat for your body. Of course I had to pick a sweater! I chose a Christmas sweater to give some spirit. To go along with that i chose dark wash jeans since every Christmas sweater deserves them. To match the coat I suggest grey UGGS. To match the outfit I suggest brown leather lace-up boots.  For accessories I chose a maroon scarf and a neutral, gray, and brown scarf. I think they would both match the coat, also white as well! To support your hands from numbness add some black gloves. Black matches with everything. For those girls who love to do their nails but like to keep it simple. I chose red nail polish to go along with the reindeer on the sweater. I absolutely love this outfit for the winter, especially it'll keep you warm and cozy.

    Outfit #2 - This outfit was mean't to be for fall! To start off this outfit I chose a red coat that is a bit shorter than the other. I would recommend you wear this coat in fall time since it looks a bit thin. I chose a leopard print, high-low blouse. I think this blouse compliments the red coat. I added a pair of white jeans to match the outfit. For the shoes I chose short brown boots, with buckles on the side. If you want to spice the outfit a bit more I suggest adding gold jewelry. I added a fox ring to go along with the animal theme. If you'd like you add on a gold spiked bracelet. If you like you can wear gold glittery nail polish to go along with your accessories.  I think gold will look good with anything to be honest. (:
     I hope you guys enjoyed these two outfits! I think they are great outfits for the fall and winter. And I hope your satisfied! (:

D.I.Y Of the Day:

    Everybody loves wearing sweaters for winter! And every year you buy new sweaters, but you don't know what to do with your old ones? Well in this D.I.Y ( do it yourself ) it'll teach you how to create 2 of your old sweaters into newborn babies. What you will need for the first design:
- an old sweater
- printed fabric
- scissors
- studs 
- fabric glue
     First turn the printed fabric over ( or inside-out ) and create the shape of a cross. In the video Andrea, ( AndreasChoice on YouTube) uses her iPhone 4 to trace the cross with a pen. Afterwards cut the the cross and lay it onto your sweater. Chose where you want it to be placed, chose wisely. With the fabric glue you want to glue down onto the sweater. Make sure it is glued well! If you prefer, you may sew it onto the sweater. Now the studs! The studs in the video have prongs on the back that you shove in through the fabric and press it down inwards. Place the studs around the cross. If you like you can add studs on the collar. You can space them out by putting two fingers between each stud. And then bam! Your done. (:

What you will need for the second design:
- a white sweater
- hot water
- salt
- fabric color
- studs
     First try to find something to put the hot water into such as your sink, a big container, or bucket. Add in the hot water and salt so it can bond with the fabric better. Then mix it. Add the fabric dye into the water and stir. Afterwards slowly dip your sweater into the dye and let it sit in their for three minutes. After three minutes take it out of the water. Then add more dye into the water to give it that ombre look. Then slowly dip it back inside. Let it sit overnight and the next day wash it cold. Finally add the studs! Like in the first design you want to add the studs at the collar. Put your two fingers between each stud, and your sweater is complete. 

      I hope you enjoyed the outfit and the D.I.Y of the day. Holiday posts coming very soon!  Thank you for reading. - Jade (:


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