Friday, January 25, 2013

Casual School Outfits!

            Hey their everybody! This post is going to present two outfits, and an explanation on how the outfit was put together.  You have any questions, or concerns make sure comment dow
n below!  All these items shown below are either $50 or below. I hope you enjoy this post! (:Casual School Outfits

Casual School Outfits by cupcakesxrainbows featuring converse
           The first outfit is very simple. I added a dull blue high-low hemmed crop top and a pair of jeans. This outfit is very plain since their is no pattern. I recommend adding any kind of necklace that would match properly. I chose a gold owl necklace since everybody loves owls! (: To keep it yet so casual I added regular black converse. If you prefer you can wear vans as well, or anything you desire. Remember these are just ideas! You don't have to go out searching for the exact same thing. (; Now the outfit is complete!
         For the next outfit I chose a purple plain sweater, if you'd like you can wear a shirt with a design. Than I matched it with a pair of leggings, if you prefer jeans the closet door is right open! To add more I added a pretty black and white knitted scarf. I think this outfit would defiantly be cozy especially with moccasins. (: Moccasins are great if you want to have a comfortable outfit. And now your outfit is complete! You may add any other jewelry such as bracelets or rings. Be creative! Switch this outfit around and make a brand new look!

         Thank you so much for reading! Please leave a comment down below,  I would love to answer your questions or maybe even compliments!(: - Jade♥

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