Friday, January 11, 2013

Perfume Review!

           First blog post in 2013!(: I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Since you probably got a bunch of Christmas money and you are looking for something good to buy. Maybe this might help if you are looking for any good perfume! I hope you like it. (:

       #1 Juicy Couture - Couture La La $70 for 1.7 oz : I think all Juicy Couture perfumes smell really good and all worth it. I thought I'd do this perfume for its exquisite scent. Although it's bottle looks cute and something you just absolutely need. But, that's not the point of perfume. It is about it's scent. You obviously want to get your moneys worth. This is why it is always important to smell the scent before even buying it! That's just a little tip for those people who can't help the temptation of the cute bottle. Couture La La is a very floral scent and it won't disappoint you.  Even the name doesn't disappoint you. It is a light, floral, and romantic scent, which would be perfect to wear during Spring. This is a very unique perfume, it is very different from all the other juicy scents. It is also very fruity with a mix of apples and mandarin also with a bit of orange blossom. If you don't want your perfume to stand out then this will be the perfect perfume for you! I would give this perfume a 3.5/5. (:
      #2 Mar Jacobs - Dot $48 for 1. oz : This perfume is perfect to wear anytime. Anywhere. I absolutely love this scent! I literally fell in love. A very sweet and fruity scent which makes it more likable. I think this is the best scent by Marc Jacobs by far. Lola and Daisy smell amazing but this is more addicting. It is a delightful mix of red berries, honey suckle, dragon fruit, jasmine, orange blossom, and coconut water. It also settles in with a base note of musk and vanilla. I think this is best perfume I recommend you guys get! (:  The bottle is so adorable as well! This is defiantly worth it especially perfume stays on for along time. I would give this perfume a 4/5. (:

      That is it for today! I hope you enjoyed this review and gave you the temptation to buy these perfumes. Thank you for reading. <3 - Jade

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