Friday, February 15, 2013

Notice the Difference?

Notice the Difference?         Notice the difference? I do. This is my guide to teach you which product/item is better. I will start doing these types of post just to give some advice. Here is a tip, whenever shopping make sure to have a budget. Don't ever go past that budget. Without a budget you'll be spending thousands of money in no time. Make sure to keep track and be aware of what you are spending on .But, the real question is. Is it really worth it? This is what you'll find out today after reading this. For example, say if you would to compare combat boots that are different brands. The first pair is from Target for $40 the other is from Steven Madden for $150. Which one should you choose?
     The answer is both. It all depends. Say if you are the type of girl who only has one pair of boots, one pair of flats, and one pair of sneakers throughout the year. If you are that type of year it is reasonable to get the Steven Madden boots. Why? If you only have one pair of boots for the rest of the year you wouldn't want them torn up the first couple of months. You want to make sure that the quality is good when looking for shoes to wear for the year. Shoes are an important fashion piece. But, say if you would only want to wear these shoes once  a week. Than it would be most likely to get the shoes at Target. It wouldn't be worth it if your only wearing it 52 times a year. I know your thinking that 52 days is a lot. 52 days is only two months. This is why whenever your shopping you must shop with an open-mind. Think before you shop. (:
       Chanel or Target? Both. Chanel bags are quite expensive you must be responsible and careful. You want to treat everything with care including a bag. Not just any bag, a Chanel bag. If you think Chanel bags are a waste of money you should probably get the Target bag. The Target bag may not  have genuine leather but it is wearable. For those who are tight on money this is absolutely perfect. On the other hand I recommend getting Chanel if you know you are ready for a bag like this and you know it'll be worth it. Now remember when getting a bag like this you must make sure you actually wear it not display it. Bags are used for wearing not for decor. Make sure to choose wisely.
    And remember I'm not the one choosing this decision. You are, I'm just giving some advice. (:
    Thank you so much for reading! Please tune in next week. (: - Jade

Studded boots

Black bag

Cross body handbag

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  1. This is so true, it gives great advice for girls and helping them choose a product that is good quality and affordable