Friday, February 1, 2013

Pink Valentines Day Outfit!(:

Pink Valentines Day Outfit!(:
         Happy Early Valentines Day! For this blog post I thought I'd create a casual pink outfit for Valentines day! I also created an outfit if you are going out at night.(: I also added some cute nail polish colors too. Lets get started. :D
      For the first outfit I made very wearable and casual. I chose a pink off the shoulder sweater, with a pink heart to get that Valentines vibe. I think heart sweaters are the best to wear on Valentines day for more casual outfits. I added a pair of white jeans to match the heart  on the sweater to match. But, make sure not wear this on Valentines dinner ( you don't want to get these jeans dirty, especially on Valentines). Then add any pink shoes or anything that would suit this outfit.(:  For the nail polish I chose a simple light pink.
     The next outfit is very formal and something you would wear on a date. I chose a simple pink strapless dress, and if you want you may add a sweater or jacket. (: I recommend a blazer if you want to add more to the outfit.  To go along with the outfit I chose a black necklace to also match along with the shoes. I chose black heels with adorable bows on them! And you are ready! This outfit is wearable whenever you are going out for a formal event. I recommend a royal blue for your nails just to add more color. (:
       Thank you so much for reading my blog post, I hope you have a great day! :D - Jade

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Converse canvas trainers

Statement necklace

Essie nail polish
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