Friday, February 15, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Review!

           Happy Valentines! I hope you all have/had a great Valentines and enjoyed your day. This blogpost will be a review on Rebecca Minkoff's Mini Mac's. I absolutely enjoy her mini mac's which is why I decided to talk about it!
Price: Mini Mac's are usually $195.00 which is a pretty decent price for the quality of Rebecca's bags.
How Big is it?: 9' wide by 1.5' deep by 6.5' tall
Product Details: It includes a functioning zipper in the front pocket.  The chain can be adjustable and can be worn doubled or as a cross-body. With precise ( not fake/counterfeit) leather. Also includes custom silverware. Inside is a blue polka-dot linen, it also comes with a matching dust bag as well.
Mini M.A.C.How Many Colors?: There are many different variety of colors such as magenta, turqoise, characoal, black, white, soft grey, persimmon. They also have different types of designs such as quilted, which are usually $250.00
  Here is a picture of one of Rebecca Minkoff's Mini Mac, also if you were wonder Mac stands for Morning After Clutch! (: I recommend this bag to anybody who likes to wear mini purses everyday. But, if you want more of a big bag I don't really suggest buying a Rebecca Minkoff bag.
Rating: 7.5/10
    I think the Mini Mac is a wonderful bag and you should defiantly go and buy it! If you do get it, or have it I hope you enjoy it. (: If you want to read more from me come back next week. Most posts are posted on Friday. :D
    Thank you for reading! - Jade<3

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