Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring-Summer Outfits!

        I know Spring or Summer ( in the United States ) has not come yet but, I still thought it would be fun to do this post! (: It's never too early! I have to admit these are my favorite outfits ever. Hopefully these outfits will inspire you to make your own. Make sure to be creative and stand out! Also don't forget to carry around that beautiful smile of yours! :D Time to talk fashion. Spring-Summer Outfits!
         Outfit #1 - This outfit is very girly and perfect for Spring. I think this outfit would be best to wear nearby summertime but, yet it is still Spring! Lace is my best friend throughout the year especially Summer and Spring. I thought a lace peter pan collar tank top would be perfect. I feel this outfit is very preppy which makes it so girly. To give that preppy girly look I suggest you wear a colored skirt ( pastel colors specifically ). For shoes you can add sandals or flats but, I thought Vans really compliment the top. Accessories! My favorite part is accessorizing.  Add pretty gold bracelets and a leather faux light pink bow to add onto the outfit. (:
       Outfit #2 - What's a perfect Summer outfit? This one! I think this outfit would be great to wear when shopping since it's very casual. Denim button-ups are one of the cutest things to wear during the Spring time and sometimes in the Summer.  But, what I think stands out most in this outfit is the shorts. Cream lace shorts are adorable to wear in ther Summer! (: These two really go along together and that is what makes the outfit complete. Shoes are very simple you can wear simple black flats or maybe just sandals or flip flops. :D ACCESSORIZING TIME! Of course I had to add a bow, I suggest maroon since it matches with denim and cream. (: For jewelry I recommend any cute long gold necklace and a bracelet to go along with it. <3'
   Thank you so much for reading, please comment down below your favorite outfit! I love you guys! xxx-Jade                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Tie dress
$11 -

Aéropostale woven shirt

Peter pan top
$42 -

Short skirt

Hot short shorts
$18 -

Vans shoes

Oasis jewelry
$21 -

River island
$18 -

Pendant jewelry
$18 -

$12 -

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