Friday, March 22, 2013

Bloggers Spring Lookbook: Floral Prints

    A Little Introduction    

       Welcome to Bloggers Spring Look book! Grace ( a fashion blogger; her blog : ) and I decided to do a Spring look book together! This look book will consist of D.I.Y's, reviews, outfits, and fashion tips! If you check out Grace's blog you will see the first part of the look book, CLICK HERE! The first part of the Spring look book is FLORAL PRINTS!

    Floral Prints!

    Floral prints are great for Spring! Especially since the sun is always up ( most of the times ) and FLOWERS are blooming. If you have any floral pants/leggings, shirts, dresses or skirts it's time to take them out and create an outfit!  Floral prints may seem difficult to pair with but, not really. Floral prints always looks good with neutrals or a solid color that is not to bright but, soothing. Pastels also suit floral prints sometimes, depending on the color of the base of floral prints. Also don't forget about flats or sandals! It's time to put away your fall/winter boots and buy brand new flats! White/cream flats are the most wearable flats to buy in the Spring. if you want shoes for Spring/Summer I recommend sandals. Sandals are mostly for the Summer but, you can still where it in the Spring! Now time for the outfits! I put together two outfits to show some suggestions!


   Spring Outfits!

     Outfit #1 -  this outfit is very casual but, yet still kind of dressy/preppy. I made sure to add accessories to show you how to style with jewelry. A cream/neutral color shirt will be perfect with floral prints. If you look above I picked out a high-low cream muscle tee. If it is a bit cold in your area I recommend a light sweater that is appropriate for your weather. Of course floral print jeans had to be shown in this post. I really like the floral print on these jeans especially because of all the beautiful colors. The top really settles the pants making the perfect outfit.
Tip: Try not to match floral prints with other prints/patterns that may be distracting or too much.
  White flats would be great for this outfit because it won't be too colorful. trust me white flats are your best friend in the Spring. Accessories! A bright scarf will bring more color onto the shirt making it less bland. Style your scarf the way you desire/want. Floral earrings will also be a cute accessory. Any gold/rose gold jewelry will be great for the Spring.

Outfit #2 - if you like to wear skirts and dresses in the spring this is a perfect outfit for you. On Polyvore I found this beautiful floral high-low maxi dress, that just needed to be in the post. I thought orange was a pretty color for the Spring. Sometimes pastels, and neutrals get to used in the Spring. Any floral dress will do, it doesn't have to be orange! Lace-up booties look great with maxi dresses and are such a trend. if your dress is a different color I recommend chestnut wedges. Accessories can be added if wanted. What I recommend is floral rings. Although it may match too much i think it still is cute. Gold leaf earrings are also a great essential, as well as a bracelet. Rose gold bracelets/jewelry are great for the Spring and have been trending a lot lately.

   Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope this post gave you inspiration on changing your wardrobe. Please stop by next week for a new post! Comment down below what Grace and I should do next for our Spring look book! Also comment if you used my blog post to help you plan an outfit(: - Jade

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