Friday, April 12, 2013

My Travel Essentials!

            Hello my readers! I decided to do something different from fashion and show my travel essentials! This blog post is to give you an idea on what you should pack whenever your on vacation.  This doesn't include clothes this is just items I would bring on the airplane. I thought this would be a good idea because school is ending soon and it's almost Summer vacation. All pictures belong to me, as well as the items. If you have a question about a certain item please comment down below. I hope this post helps you out!

First off start with a bag. Such as a tote bag that is durable.
Use this tote bag to put your stuff inside. (:

                                   For electronics I suggest you bring chargers/batteries if you ever    
                                   need to recharge your electronic device. Bringing headphones is
                                   optional because they do hand out free headphones on the plane.
                                          Sometimes the plane ride may get boring, so I suggest
                                          bringing a book,crossword puzzles, tablet or a sketch
                                          book to keep you occupied. If you want to bring a
                                          tablet/electronic device I suggest charging it before
                                          the plane ride.(:
Sometimes my hair can get messy during the plane ride.
I'm not sure if that happens to other people but, it sure
happens to me. This is defiantly a great essential 
especially for me. 
Although I don't need all of these things for the plane.
I need most things for when I arrive at my destination.
I suggest bringing hand sanitizer to keep your hands 
clean. And hand lotion just to keep your hands smooth
if its ever dry. I recommend you put everything into
a makeup bag.
Now you are done packing up ( well most of it ) for your
trip! :D

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading my post!
Comment down below any suggestions, requests, or questions.
I would love to reply to your comment. (: - Jade


  1. Hey Jade, I saw one of the lotions "Sweet On Paris". It's my favorite scent since it smells like cotton candy. What's your favorite lotion?Overall, it was an awesome post!

    1. My favorite is Paris In Bloom. It smells like perfume. (: Thank you! Also would you like to continue our Spring lookbook? If so email me, soon. xx -Jade

  2. Isn't it ironic that I was also thinking of doing a what to pack for vacation post? Anyways really like the background and I think you covered all the most important travel essentials. Which genre of books or author are your favorite to bring with you on a trip? Please be sure to check out my blog and comment too- aka- Tourist Temptaion!

    1. Thank you! My favorite genre is fiction and mystery. I would love to comment on your blog. (: - Jade

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